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Oconee Fellowship is a group of people who have gathered together to begin a new church in Oconee County.

Who We Are

We are a group of people in desperate need of God's forgiving and renewing grace and with a deep desire to share that grace with our neighbors and friends. As someone else has said, we know there is no
one who is so bad on their worst day that they are beyond the reach of God's grace; we also know there is no one who is so good on their best day that they are beyond the need of God's grace. For us, it's grace from beginning to end. We are grateful for Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Athens (redeemerathens.com) in sacrificing so much to see this new work move forward.

Leadership Teams

Communications Coordinator

Catherine Chestnut
Contact at info@oconeefellowship.org

Women's Leadership Team

Liz Werner, Heather Morse, Mary Branch
Contact at lizwerner@gmail.com

Men's Leadership Team

Mark Williams, Jack Morse, John Mark Chestnut
Contact at jack_atl@yahoo.com

Outreach Leadership Team

Bryan Miller, Lisa Miller, Catherine Chestnut
Contact at millerfamily7@gmail.com

Kid's Leadership Team

Casey Wallace, Elizabeth Blaine, Margaret Woosnam
Contact at caseycwallace@gmail.com

Music & Production Team

Matt Currie
Contact at matthewallancurrie@gmail.com

Meet Our Pastor

Clay Werner has a passion for the gospel and for people, especially for connecting people to the heart of God more deeply through the gospel. He attended Ball State University in Indiana and Westminster Seminary in California and has been in ministry for over 15 years. He and his wife, Liz, have five children and love to spend time hiking, fishing, and watching Bulldog football. He is the author of On the Brink: Grace for the Burned Out Pastor and Gospel Brokenness: The Unexpected Path to Deep Joy. His writing has been highlighted by The Gospel Coalition, World Magazine, The White Horse Inn, and 9 Marks.

Contact Clay at clay@oconeefellowship.org

Meet Our Youth Director

Mark has a desire for all to understand the good news of the Gospel and how it radically changes our lives. He attended Moody Bible Institute where he met his beautiful wife Becky. They have two adorable children, Cash and Rosie. He served as a youth pastor right outside Austin, Texas for 5 years. Mark enjoys all sports, and being from Ohio, he supports all Cleveland teams (which gives him emotional whiplash). He loves to spend time with his wife and kids and is always eager to get out on the golf course. Mark loves spending time with others, especially on the back porch or around a fire pit.

Our Vision and Mission

When Jesus began his public ministry, he made the simple yet profound statement that “The kingdom of God is at hand,” (Mark 1:15). As he demonstrated throughout his ministry, this kingdom is the restorative reign of God breaking into a broken world. He ministered to people, forgave sins, reconciled people back to God and gave us the promise that one day he will make all things new. It is in light of that kingdom that our vision is “To see the restorative reign of God impact Oconee County and beyond.”

How do we accomplish the vision? We want to do it “by helping others enjoy, embody, and extend the gospel in every season and sphere of life.” We enjoy the gospel as we come to and grow in our faith; we embody the gospel as we grow in having a servant heart towards others, and we extend the gospel by sharing it with our neighbors and the nations. All of these things- enjoying, embodying, and extending- we want to do in every season of life – whether happy or hard, and every sphere of life- as men, women, employees, employers, students, children, parents, etc.

What We Believe

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and our beliefs are outlined in the Westminster Confession of Faith.. We are a church rooted in the Reformed tradition and seek to show others the beauty, majesty, goodness, and grace of our God.

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